High Quality Pasture Raised Heritage Pork

We sell half and whole hogs.  The whole hanging weight is typically around 190 to 230 pounds, (or half 85 to 115 pounds) with a yield of packaged meat that is around 70% of the hanging weight.

If you are interested in purchasing pork, please send us an email at swineshire@gmail.com or give us a call at 425-426-7416.  We can discuss the availability, timing and costs.  As we are a small farm operation, the quantity is limited and timing is dependent on when the herd will be ready for market.

We ask the purchaser to pay us per pound based on the hanging weight.  Harvest, butchering and wrapping is then paid to the processor at time of pick up.

We have Del Fox Meats, located near Stanwood (Website), process our pork.  They come to our farm to harvest on site, resulting in minimal stress for the animals.  The meat is then processed at their Stanwood facility.  The packaged product is then available for pick up at their facility within one to two weeks.

Contact us to get on our reminder list for 2023 for half or whole hogs

We are sold out for 2022. In 2023 we have butcher dates scheduled for September 15th, September 27th and November 17th. We will have a variety of breeds, raised with lots of room to root and run around while having access to balanced swine feed so that we are confident that the resulting pork will be high quality.

Please contact us to reserve your pork


Farmer Cost is $5.00 per pound by hanging weight

Butcher Fee $85/whole
Cutting and Wrapping $0.79/lb
Additional Costs for curing and slicing (Butcher costs subject to change)

($100 deposit required to reserve half a hog)