About Us

Robin and Jodi, along with daughters Sarah and Rachel began raising pigs in 2013.  Sarah was involved in 4-H with guinea pigs and beef cattle for several years.  In 2013 she was asked by a friend to help show her pigs at the Evergreen State Fair during open class.  A couple months later Sarah decided swine would be a great FFA project.  While both Sarah and Rachel showed beef in 4-H, we had the wonderful opportunity to work with an experienced farmer with his cattle.  Now we were ready to take on the full ownership of livestock.  That was the beginning of our family farming adventure.

Our property is suited for pigs and we have found that they are terrific animals.  We take great delight in raising pigs and get satisfaction knowing that our family, friends and others will then be able to enjoy healthy and tasty locally grown pork.

Sarah showed beef and swine into her super-senior year in 4-H during 2018.  Sarah has continued her passion in agriculture in her studies at WSU. We have continued to work with other kids in our 4-H club and local high school FFA club to train and show our pigs.