Swineshire Farm

Snohomish, Wa

Family Farm – Pasture Raised Pigs

Happy Pigs

Our pigs have a nice comfy house with straw bedding.  Food and water is always available.  They have plenty of space to graze, root and explore.

We provide our pigs with a generous amount of space to exercise and root around. We first did this not knowing better, but quickly found that the pigs love the freedom. It’s wonderful to watch happy pigs. The added exercise and stress free environment may lengthen the time needed to grow, but is really a win-win situation for the pigs, farmers and customers.

Pasture Raised Pork

Raising heritage pigs with access to root around outdoors in the dirt and plants results in meat that is moist, finely marbled, nutrient rich and great tasting.  While our pigs enjoy a balanced all natural diet of pig feed made by Conway Feed, they are able to supplement this through natural foraging.  We offer half and whole hogs for sale.


We are involved with 4-H and FFA, and enjoy attending local fairs.


About Us

We are a small farm near Snohomish, Washington.

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